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Jerry Sturgill shared Louis R. Archuleta for House District 28-B's video.

Louis R. Archuleta for House District 28-B
I was honored to take part in the annual festival held by the Shoshone Bannock Tribes last weekend, while also spending time with some great legislative candidates!
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Last week I took in the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes annual festival. I brought along Jerry Sturgill and Mike Saville for Idaho. Check out this video for clips from the festival and our perspectives on tribal and Idaho issues. Our tribes are an important part of Idaho and I will work hard to protect their sovereignty and to educate Idahoans about their essential contributions to Idaho. I know my fellow Democrats in Idaho will stand with me, if you want real change elect our local Democrats to office!

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Vera McCraeThis festival is beautiful. Our Native American brothers and sisters deserve so much better than what has been dealt them I appreciate these candidates recognizing them and are willing to fight for their issues. They have my vote

3 days ago

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Meet Jerry Sturgill

Jerry is running for the Senate as a Democrat because our members of Congress should be rolling up their sleeves and getting to work for all Idahoans rather than playing a political game that is being lost on the backs of working Americans.

He is a businessman who has spent a lifetime resolving conflict and working with others to reach smart solutions. He will work hard for Idaho and restore dignity and integrity to the representation of all Idahoans in Washington.

Fellow Idahoans,

I am running for the United States Senate to help make government work better for the people of Idaho, like it did in the years I was growing up in Twin Falls, Idaho, when Frank Church and Len Jordan were our Idaho Senators.

Back then, a middle class family could get by on one income and could afford health care and college for the kids. Not so easy these days.

We are still struggling to shake the lingering effects of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Angry forces attack us from abroad and from within. Greedy extremists occupy our public lands.

While these and other problems swirl around us, our federal government has been stalled out, mired in hyper-partisanship, unfulfilled promises, petty insults and outright vulgarity.

There is so much that is great about Idaho and our country! We have so much potential and there is so much we can improve. Our government representatives need to stop the sniping and get back to work to improve education, create economic opportunity, protect our environment and find smart solutions to the many other challenges and opportunities of today’s world.

I am a fifth-generation Idahoan and a descendant of early settlers who established farms, ranches and small businesses in southeastern Idaho and the Magic Valley. (Link to Bio) I have been a successful lawyer, founded a financial advisory firm, owned my own small business, and helped other businesses prosper. I will leverage this experience and work hard for Idaho!

I promise to be a strong new voice for all Idahoans and pledge to represent you in Washington with dedication and integrity. I will work effectively with others, on both sides of the aisle, to serve the people of our great state.

My campaign will be consistent with my Idaho values, a campaign of civilized discourse and reasonable debate about the greatest issues of our time. Together we can focus on creative solutions and end the polarization and government dysfunction that threatens our potential as the best state in the greatest nation on Earth.

In this endeavor, I ask for your support.


Idaho Democrat Jerry Sturgill is Running for the US Senate

Challenging Republican Incumbent Mike Crapo